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 We help you find the Right Experience for your child when it comes to Music Education.

"Kevin has a way of Talking to and Teaching
Children Music so they can understand." Thu N.

We teach Online or In Person (mask, hand sanitizer, temperature required)

We Concentrate On Smiles, Laughter, and Doing Good Work!

We want our students to build LIFE-LONG MEMORIES about how FUN and IMPORTANT music is to them!

Piano Lessons near Oakland


Music helps children GROW in so many ways...
  1. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity.
  2. Kids who learn to play music learn a valuable lesson in discipline. They practice and put a lot of effort for the Perfect Performance in front of their family and friends!  
  3. To develop creative thinking: Kids who study the arts learn to think creatively, and develop great problem solving skills.
  4. Kids can learn teamwork: Teamwork is essential to play in any band or orchestra in or outside of school.
  5. Build self-confidence: With encouragement from teachers and parents, students can build pride and confidence in their musical abilities.
Piano lessons near oakland

We Combine A Fun Learning Environment With Learning Music Fundamentals


  • A systematic approach takes all the guess work out of learning.
  • Develop a strong foundation in music: Rhythm, Reading, Hand Coordination, Listening. 
  • Look professional from Day 1 with this technique.
  • Perform with confidence
  • The Best Way to practice to build your skills and avoid unnecessary mistakes and frustration. 
  • The Easiest way to learn to read music. It is not by using the old acronyms like F A C E or E G B D F.


 Watch as one of our students dazzles the crowd with this piece...


​During Class We Emphasize
  • Prepare Before You Play - Your child will avoid unnecessary mistakes and learn music faster.
  • Comprehension, Review, then Progress Forward - This ensures that your child will not rush through their lessons, and forget what they learned. 
  • Focus on the Fundamentals First - Fundamentals first approach Saves Time and Builds Confidence fast. 
  • Analytical Approach - Your child will learn to listen to what they did well, and also how fix their mistakes. This is how learning works best.
  • Practice with Confidence - Your child will be motivated to practice because they understood what they learned in their lessons.


"Kevin has a way of talking to and teaching children music in a way that they can understand.." Thu N.

The Magic Is To Translate Something Foreign Into Something Simple

This piece of music...

...Turns into a picture that they easily relate to

By Using Language and Images that Your Child Can Understand.


We Role Play As Well! 

A Young Mr. Potter Takes Piano at Db Hogwarts Music

Today's Lesson: The Magic Of Music!

You never know what we will learn,

but you can always expect to have FUN!

Our students are happy and motivated to learn in their lessons.

They work hard to advance to the next level and receive recognition on a regular basis.

Then they are Ready for the BIG SHOW!!!

Db Music and Dance, online  Piano lessons san leandro



Db Music and Dance, piano lessons in San Leandro
Db Music and Dance, Piano lessons San Leandro


You can watch Kevin go through what a 1st lesson looks like.

Kevin uses three main points to make sure each student

  1. Feels Welcomed and Instantly Curious,
  2. Has Fun, and
  3. Feels excited about learning music!


We've researched countless materials,

and use the best material for maximum comprehension.

The children love performing songs like

"Quiet River" "Toymaker's Dance" The Caravan" "Fiesta" "Jingle Bells"

Children are much more MOTIVATED TO PRACTICE

when they get to play songs they like.

Our Program Is Perfect For:
  • Parents with kids aged 5-15 years old.
  • Parents who want their child to build a Strong Foundation in Music and Artistic Expression.
  • Parents who want their child to be a Confident Young Pianist and Self-Directed Lifelong Learner.

If you would like to find out how we can help you

Find the Right Music Mentor

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If you talk with other parents, you will hear
students Love their lessons!


"...her interest and joy of playing the piano has been rejuvenated!"

Thu N.

"...Kevin is very welcoming and is great with my daughter. She loves him!"

Judy S.

"...I love Kevin's methods, his patience and precision are also great qualities when working with kids."

Luz M.

"...Kevin has extensive piano knowledge and skill, and has shown patience and humor in guiding my son's musical journey."

Sheba C.

  • I believe All Children Can Learn Music with the right support, attention, and practice strategies.
  • With Commitment and a specialized teaching style, Db Music helped more than 300 students learn music from the ground up
  • Db Music aims to nurture students to have an appreciation of the arts and have fun learning music.
  • We accomplish this with the use of a step-by-step system, the effective use of course materials, and going at each student's pace.
  • The ultimate goal of Db Music is to nurture Motivated and Confident Young Musicians who want to build life-long memories.

Piano lessons near Oakland


Db Music Studio features a Baby Grand piano
and waiting area for parents and siblings:


Music lessons in San Leandro
DbMusic and Dance is conveniently located near
Freeway 880 in the heart of San Leandro.
We are between Wayne and Pacific Ave.
1121 Davis Street, 94577


If you would like to find out how we can help you

Find the Right Music Mentor

We would love to answer any questions you may have

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