Group Lessons

Group Music Lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to learn piano and offers some advantages for students.

                   Group lessons encourage students to learn music in a fun and social environment.
                   Students can learn valuable musicianship skills such as critical listening and peer evaluations.
                   Students will be more motivate to practice at home so they will sound good to their peers.
                   Students can improve in their sight-reading, and complete their books at a quick rate.
                   The BEST advantage of group lessons is students work to overcome their performance anxiety by playing in front of their peers!

                  Group lessons provide a great working environment for students to make progress along their musical journey. Students work individually
                  for a time, and then work with one another to problem solve and peer evaluate. Finally, we come together as a class to discuss and listen as
                  a group as to how each one is progressing. It is a great format. One that I learned in my years of public speaking at Toastmaster International.

                 If that sounds like the right plan for you, we have rolling admission so you can start by next week!  We will do our best to fit you into a class that
                 works best with your schedule. Classes are one 60 minutes. Classes are $160 per month and there is a one time $20 registration fee.

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