Guitar Lessons in San Leandro

Db Music and Dance Guitar Lessons

Are an excellent way to begin your musical journey. Beginning guitar lessons start at 8 years old!
Db Music and Dance has been teaching aspiring guitarists since 2012.
Learn the foundation of a good guitar technique from the ground up in your first lesson.




Lionel had never taken any music lessons before. His grandfather knew how to play guitar and he wanted to learn as well.
He came to his lessons every week. He practiced a lot. When he performed in his first recital and heard the thunderous
applause, he gave out the biggest smile! He did it! Lionel is still going strong after three years of guitar lessons.
Aaron took up guitar. It was his first time taking music lessons. He developed a nice tone. He worked on playing the rhythms correctly.
He learned a lot of fun songs. Now he is into his third book! He is ready to rock!



Db Music and Dance is honored to be a part of the success stories of our students.
Stories like the ones above happen every week here at Db Music and Dance.
Here is a sample of what you will learn in your piano lessons:
  • Music Reading -- Basic through advanced
  • Music Theory -- Basic through advanced
  • Rhythms -- Basic through advanced
  • Scales and Arpeggios -- Major and Minor
  • Articulation and expression of music
  • Musicianship -- playing with others through examples and duets
  • General performance techniques


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