How to Make Piano Lessons Fun!


What are children full of?


So why make piano lessons boring when you can use a child's

natural inclination to help them learn music?


A child's natural gateway to learning is through the use of imagination. It's fun and exciting for them. It's fun and exciting for the teacher as well! It makes the lessons go by quickly! What is the old saying? Time flies when you are having fun! I cannot recall how many times a student tells me at the end of their piano lesson,

 "Wow! The lesson is over? That was fast!"

Students feel like they learned something valuable in their piano lesson, and that makes them want to practice at home. See the connection? Fun piano lessons means they will go home to practice. Then they are excited to come back for more. And that is how they make music a life-long journey, not something they did as a kid and quit.


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