Imagine you sit down at the piano and open up your music book.

Your fingers start gliding across the keyboard. Each note sings out perfectly.

Out pours this beautiful song that reverberates through the room making it feel like

you are in a beautiful vaulted Gothic church. It’s like…magic!

Where would you start in order to learn to play that way?

What would you do in order to gain that feeling?

That connection to the instrument?

Who would you trust as your guide to get you there?


The one thing I most desired as a child growing up was to become a brilliant musician.

When I started out playing piano, I wasn’t good. In fact I played horribly. I missed notes.

I didn’t play with any confidence. In a single word, I stunk! It wasn’t necessarily my fault

neither. You see I had a teacher who was pretty good as a teacher, until she became frustrated

with my lack of progress during the lesson. She grew irritated. “You don’t know your notes!”

Frustration surrounded the air during lessons. It put me into an even more uncomfortable spot.

I didn’t want to make a mistake, otherwise, my teacher would lash out at me. But I wasn’t good

at reading. How was I supposed to go home and practice when I just didn’t know what to do? 

Especially for all those Big recital pieces! I didn’t know it, but I was wasting a lot of time playing

those pieces that were three levels above my actual performance level. And for what?

I forgot them soon after my recital.

And guess what? That’s exactly how the majority of music teachers still teach to this day!

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

And I know it to be true when a new student comes into my studio from another teacher.

They open their books and all I see are Circles, Letters, Arrows, and you name it!

Do you know what time it is when I see that? Time for new, fresh, clean, easily readable books!

If I cannot read through all those colored marker signs, how it a beginner student to read through it?!

Exactly! They can’t!!

When I eventually became a music teacher, I went back through all those tough times

I had as child. I learned from each of those harsh lessons that didn’t instill confidence in my

playing and used them as the roadmap to my success with my music program today.

I help beginning music students learn from the ground up, as well as students who had lessons

like I had as child and still need guidance in developing themselves into confident young musicians.

I have a hunch that you fit into either two categories, the absolute beginner,

or the I already can play some but I’m not sure what I’m missing in my playing.

If either of those describe you or your child, you’ve come to the right place.

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