Music Theory &


Time to get creative and write your own songs!


Have you caught yourself humming a tune, and wished you could play it!
Imagine sitting with your instrument and finding your inspiration.
Minutes later, you have a new song! Now is the time to learn how to do it!
Learn music theory and start writing your own songs! Amaze your friends and family by writing music!
Understand some simple techniques so that you can write your own songs easily!

So much emphasis is put on learning the classical repertoire to your eyeballs! Learn how J. S. Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven wrote music,
then get to writing your own music. It's so much fun when people hear you play and think it was written by one of the great composers.
They ask, "Is that Bach? Or Mozart?" You smile, "No. I wrote that." They are stunned. They never spent time writing music of their own,
and they wish they had figured out how to compose music, too. Why didn't they learn? The simple reason is their teacher, just like my piano
teacher, was immersed in performing the repertoire. The teacher never had any time to enjoy writing their own compositions that they never
built the skill. They only focused on what they knew how to do, and passed that onto their students one after another year after year. 

It's time to break the cycle. Learn how to understand music and write your own.
Post it on social media. Amaze your followers on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube.
Then you become so much more than just a performer. You become a creator. You spread joy in the world as people from around the world listen
to and enjoy YOUR work. What satisfaction! You may be asking yourself, "I never wrote my own songs," or a variation of, "I tried writing my own songs before.
I'm just no good at it." We don't have to become the next Mozart or Beethoven, but we can learn how to compose beautiful and meaningful music.
Sometimes we see a painting, and it inspires us to write a new piece of music. Composers may strike a chord or just two notes and in sets off something
in their ear that they begin a new composition.  It's fun, because you never know where your next source of inspiration is going to come from.
And who knows, maybe one day you will be walking down the street and hear someone humming your own songs!

** It is important to note that music theory and composition classes are for students who have already been taking music lessons,
and know some of the basic scale/chord relationships. Also note that there is NO FREE TRIAL offer for music theory and composition lessons.

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