Music for Preschoolers

Db  Music and Dance offers excellent introductory music classes for your preschoolers!

Get your child engaged early in music and let's have fun together!



Little children love exploring music. It ignites their creativity and

wires their developing brains like no other activity can! 

Preschool music lessons encourage students to
learn music in a fun and social environment at a young age.
Students can learn valuable musicianship skills such as critical listening
Music becomes a fun part of their daily activities through singing, clapping, and playing.
The BEST advantage of preschooler music lessons is children have a head start
 advantage with their learning listening and motor skills.
We offer in-class (with mask)and online lessons
Students can start as early as age 4.
Start your Free Trial as early as next week!
Private music lessons are $15 per 15 minute lesson, $30 per 30 min.
You can choose lessons once or twice a week.
There is a one time fee of $20 upon enrollment. 

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