Online Music Lessons

Want to continue music lessons, but don't know where to turn?

Db Music and Dance provides online music lessons for your safety and convenience.

Online lessons are for music students who still want to continue with their lessons, but are not able to come to a regular classroom setting.

Do music students still learn via online lessons? Yes! Online lessons provide a valuable learning experience for students.

How old do students have to be to start? Students who are of age 4-6 can start with supervision. Students 7 and older can start their lessons at any time without supervision. Please inquire about our intro to music classes for children 4-5.

What do I need to start online lessons? You would need a computer, a tablet or iPad, or a smart phone to connect for online lessons.

Music lessons have both an overhead and side camera angle for you to get the maximum experience in your lessons.

How soon can I start? There is rolling admission. You can begin your first lesson as early as next week!

There is a one time $20 registration fee upon enrollment.

Private music lessons are $30 per 30 minute lesson, $45 per 45 minute lesson, and $60 per 60 minute lesson.

You may choose one lesson per week or, like many of our top students, take two 30 minute lesson per week.

You may have a question about whether

our program is the right fit for your child.

Please Feel Free To Ask Any Questions!

We would love to help your answer your concerns.

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