Db Music and Dance Piano Lessons

Are an excellent way to begin your musical journey. Piano lessons begin as early as 4 years old!

Db Music and Dance has been teaching aspiring pianists since 2012.

Learn the foundation of a good piano technique from the ground up in your first lesson.


Mary had been taking piano lessons with a local teacher for three years. Her parents believed in the benefits of learning music.

She wasn't understanding what she was doing, yet she had advanced to level 3.

They wanted Mary to continue, but didn't know where to turn. They heard from another family after church about how

their son was learning piano quickly with Kevin at Db Music and Dance. We had Mary begin again from the ground up.

After three years of lessons, Mary has now blossomed into such a beautiful, competent young pianist! She is ready to tackle level 4!

It's early Sunday morning. Tammy has such an exuberant and bubbly personality. I can see her skipping down the sidewalk.

She is always happy to come to her lessons. She is always attentive and learns quickly. We laugh, and have fun in our lesson.

When she leaves her lesson, once again, she hops out the door and  smiles while skipping back to the car.

                                      Larry and Steven were two brothers that began music lessons at a very early age. Their first piano teacher was their neighbor.

                                      He was getting ready to retire. They sought out a second teacher. That teacher did not know how to read music. They heard

                                      about Kevin at Db Music and Dance. After a brief consultation they knew their sons were now in good hands!

                                      From their first lesson the boys began to understand the basic piano techniques to increase their piano skills at a rapid pace!

                                      Almost three years later they still practice every day and look forward to their lessons each week!

Db Music and Dance is honored to be a part of the success stories of our students.

                                                                         Stories like the ones above happen every week here at Db Music and Dance.

Here is a sample of what you will learn in your piano lessons:

  • Music Reading -- Basic through advanced
  • Music Theory -- Basic through advanced
  • Rhythms -- Basic through advanced
  • Scales and Arpeggios -- Major and Minor
  • Articulation and expression of music
  • Musicianship -- playing with others through examples and duets
  • General performance techniques


You may have a question about whether
our program is the right fit for your child.

Please Feel Free To Ask Any Questions!

We would love to help your answer your concerns.

In-class lessons are for music students who still want to continue with their regular lessons for one on one oversight.

Do I need to wear a mask? Yes! Please be courteous and wear a face covering to each in person lesson.

How old do students have to be to start? Students can start piano at age 4 with introduction to piano classes. Please email for more info. 

What I need to buy my own books from a music store? No. We have a collection of music books for you to purchase to get started or get

to the next level of your music education. Db Music and Dance uses Alfred's Basic Piano Library series to build technique from the ground up.

Alfred's library provides an excellent series of songs to play as well as music theory and technique exercises. Everything is presented in a clear,

easily explained manner. They are also very easy to find in any music store.

How soon can I start? There is rolling admission. You can begin a free trial lesson as early as next week!

There is a one time $20 registration fee upon enrollment.

Private music lessons are $30 per 30 minute lesson, $45 per 45 minute lesson, and $60 per 60 minute lesson.

You may choose one lesson per week or, like many of our top students, take two 30 minute lessons per week. 

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