Art Lessons in San Leandro with DB Music & Dance San-Leandro-Piano-Guitar-Lessons


Here is a sample of what you will learn in your art lessons:

  • Observation and Proportion
  • Lighting and Shading
  • Vanishing points
  • Negative Space
  • Portraits

And that is just the beginning!!

Kevin didn't start drawing until in his thirties. He searched book after book

on how to draw. He finally found a book that taught art the right way, not by

starting out with circles and triangles and with a little erasing you finally end

up with a cat, or a bird, etc. But to actually quiet the mind and learn how to

recreate what you see.

If you are a child or older in years and always wanted to learn to draw,

now is your chance! With just a few lessons you will go from drawing

stick figures to understand how to make your own masterpieces!

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