Frequently Asked Music Lesson Questions


 1.    What instrument should my child start with?

         Piano is an excellent choice for children 5 years old and up interested in learning music. Students

         can always transition to another instrument later in their musical education.

2.     Do I need to have a piano to start piano lessons?

        No, you can begin piano lessons without a piano. However, we recommend an instrument to practice,

        i.e . an electronic keyboard or digital piano.

3.     Can you recommend a keyboard?

        Yes, we recommend a keyboard have at least 61 keys, be weighted, and come along with a pedal and bench.

        Starting out on a transitional instrument is fine for 6 - 12 months. After that, students should transition to a

        full-sized piano or keyboard for optimum learning.


4.     How old does my child have to be to start piano lessons, guitar lessons or bass lessons?

        5 years of old is a great age to start piano. With beginner guitar or bass students, we recommend

        starting at age 7.

5.     What will my child learn in their music lesson?

        Everyone absorbs music differently. We tailor our teaching style to fit each student's needs. In general,

        the goal is for a beginner music student to learn good posture, understand rhythm, strength and dexterity in

        their fingers, music reading, along with basic chord and scale construction.

6.     How much should my child practice?

        Optimal learning requires daily practice. 15-20 minutes a day is great for beginners. The more advanced

        the student requires more attention and practice times increases accordingly.


7.     How much do lessons cost?

        Lessons are $30 per thirty minutes. Tuition is $120 per month, except in a 5-week month.

        It might sound expensive at first, but I've seen many parents spend their money with teachers

        who just treated music education as a job. The teacher didn't inspire the student to play, and

        the student became bored with their music lessons after a short time. How much money did

        those "cheaper" lessons really cost in the long run? 

8.     Is there a siblings discount?

        Currently, no.

9.    Can siblings take lessons together?

       No. In our profession experience, it is best to have each take lessons privately as each child

       learns differently and at different paces.

10.   What types of payment do you accept?

        Presently, we accept checks and cash. We do not currently accept credit cards.

11.   What happens if my son/daughter is ill on the day of his/her lesson?

        Make-up lessons are permitted when the teacher has been contacted as early as possible. 

12.   How can I help my child learn if I do not know music myself?

        There are plenty of ways to support your child. Listen to them practice. Ask them questions.  Have them

        play for you at home. Learn along with them. There are plenty of way in which you can encourage them!

13.   Can I observe my child during their lesson?

        Yes, you can always observe your child. Once you and your child feel comfortable, the lessons can be

        one-on-one with the teacher to provide a focused learning environment. 

14.    Can adults take lessons?

         Yes, they can. Students of all ages are happily welcome. Many parents who had lessons when they were

         younger begin music lessons again. We customize your lessons based on your skill-level and goals.

15.    Where are you located?

         We are conveniently located in San Leandro off of Highway 880. We can also travel to your home.

16.   Is there an additional fee for having the teacher travel to your home?

        Yes, the fee is determined based on your location. Please contact us for more detailed information.




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