Private Pity Practicing

Have you ever been frustrated in the practice room? It's not fun.
You go along in the piece and at some random point the fingers
just don't produce the desired result. Crash and Burn! You yell
out and slam your fingers on the keys. Now all you are doing is
making your practicing session less productive. You start doubting
that you can do it. You become discouraged from practicing. You lose
sight of your long-term goals. Over time go give way to the passion
inside yourself over to the mundane.

This is a very difficult thing for many music students to understand:
you must abandon this most treacherous habit. Let's get this straight.
You are a student. You are going to play and at some point while learning
a new song, your fingers will not work fast enough to produce the music
your are working on. That is all part of the process. There is no reason to
mentally beat yourself up over the mistake. That is THE WORST thing you
can do. And, if you aren't aware of it, you aren't practicing while having
your private pity practice session. You might come out of the practice room
30-60 later, but how productive was your time? Most likely very little.
What you have to do is be patient with yourself. Practice the same part over
and over again, and then again. Because at some point your brain will
understand what you want your fingers to do and that's when IT CLICKS.

Keep your practice routine going. Learn to analyze why you are making your
mistakes and then work on correcting them. Don't get frustrated because you
made a mistake. Like the great Ben Zander of the Boston Philharmonia Orchestra
and New York Times bestseller book, The Art of Possibility, suggests: Throw up your
arms and yell out, "How fascinating!" That will break the bad habit of closing in on
yourself and becoming negative, which eventually leads to an "I can't" attitude.
Make Every day is a success. It all begins with your attitude.

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