Reading Music For Beginners, the Easy Way!

Reading music the easy way. 

Can't remember the Music Acronyms?

Dread Flash Cards?

Try the Finger Method! It works so well even a 6 yr old can do it.

Reading music can be as difficult as reading hieroglyphics at first.
There are countless blog posts and videos on the internet on reading
music. You can learn the acronyms such as Every Good Boy Deserves
Fudge or All Cows Eat Grass. But, this is information overload when
actually sitting down with printed music in front of you. A teacher could
easily recommend and have you practice each note using the dreaded
flash cards. Believe me, it's not that fun and I struggled with it in the

There is a much easier way to learn to read music notation. It's so easy,
even a 6 yr old can do it. Instead of concentrating on all the notes at the
same time, we are going to break it down into small groups of notes.
Seriously, it's as easy was learning A B C.

How fast do you think you can remember C D E F G? I bet it wouldn't take
any effort to remember that list of letters. In the same way, we can learn how
to read that group of notes on the musical staff. Now if you think it might be
ridiculous to learn how to read this way, let you assure you that beginning
music stays very well within a narrow scope of a few notes. Think of nursery
rhymes like Freu Jack? That melody would go C D E C --  C D E C -- E F G
-- E F G.  

Remember that list of notes? C D E F G!! COOL!!! Now it is just a matter of
learning where those note lay on the musical staff.


Can you read that backwards?

How about skipping every other note?

Remember the two notes in the middle?

Ready for the exciting part? Reading music? Ok. First off, instead of learning
the acronyms or using flashcards, we are simple going to say the letter name
of the note that appears on the page one note at a time for a song using the
finger method. You know, just how
you learned how to read words as a child
for the first time -- with one finger pointing at the word you are reading. In this
way you get practice identifying each n
ote of the song, in context, and not trying
to overload your senses with too much stimuli at once.

Practice reading notes the easy way. Use a beginning book and start reading!!!