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Increase your salsa dancing skills with private salsa dance lessons.
Kevin works one-on-one
in a relaxed and fun learning environment
to help build your confidence with your

    1. B
asic footwork and partnering techniques
    2. Basic shine footwork and arm styling
    3. Basic through advanced patterns
Night club etiquette. (Feel confident going to clubs.)
    5. Connecting to the music. (From finding the beat to understanding
            song structures and how to dance to them)
    6. Timing -- Beginning to Advanced (Learn to speed up or slow down
           your movements to add flare and style to your dancing.)

Read client testimonials:

Kevin assisted us with our first dance song for our wedding which was 9/20/13,
and we are SO glad we got lessons from him!  Kevin was friendly, patient, and
very talented. We now have a solid foundation with the basic salsa and bachata
steps thanks to him:)  His prices are reasonable and he was flexible with his schedule. 
Two thumbs up!!
" Jen B.

I went from 0-60 in six weeks with private salsa lessons with Kevin.
His knowledge of music helped me really understand how to coordinate
my feet to the music. I highly recommend working with Kevin!" Alon C.

"Kevin was the key difference in helping my husband feel more confident about
his leading skills on the dance floor.  Our lessons with Kevin really took us to the
next level in our salsa dancing.  He has a simple, straightforward way of teaching
that makes learning the moves so quick and fun!"  Pamela L.

"My time taking private lessons with Kevin was incredibly informative, fun, and creative.
Kevin is able to meet you where you're at with salsa, strengthen areas you need work in,
and challenge you to take your dancing to the next level, especially in terms of social
dancing, all while keeping things light-hearted and fun. One of my favorite things about
taking private lessons with Kevin was leaving with concrete goals and things to practice
out on the dance floor!" Sarah Jane S.

"Kevin is an absolutely fantastic salsa teacher. He is not only a very talented dancer,
but he is a very skilled musician. His musical background helps to teach his students
how to understand the nuances of the music and how to truly incorporate his/her own
style into the dance moves. He helps give students the confidence and skills to build
their own repertoire and encourages them to "dance outside the box" and not strictly
on choreographed moves. I believe this allows his students to develop into better
dancers. He's funny, clever, and a joy to be around. He takes the stress out of learning
how to dance and definitely makes you want to make a life-long habit of salsa dancing."
An-Chi T.

alsa lessons are held at convenient dance studios in Emeryville or Berkeley to fit your needs.

Private lessons rate is $50/hr. + studio rental fee. Ask about package deals!

For more information or to schedule lessons, please contact


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