The Number 1 Secret to Practicing.

Practicing is a time consuming process. Many musicians spend their youth
practicing at home in the living room or in their garage or bedroom. After
years of dedication they finally get to the college level and guess what? They
spend even More Time in a practice room that can barely fit an upright piano and
a few feet of floor space to stand. Your are lucky if there is even a mirror. So
why go through all those years of practicing as a youth to then spend your
time as a young adult in such a confined space for hours on end? For the love
of it. For the freedom of it. For the feeling of it.  To quote the late maestro Luciano
Pavarotti, "For me making music is the most joyful activity possible, the most perfect
expression of any emotion."

Can practice be frustrating? It can be. It is all about how you approach a problem
in how you will be able to analyze it, make proper assessments about it, and tackle
it so that it does become effortless and fun.

So what is the number one secret to practicing? You have to want to do it.
When you want to practice, you can't wait to get started. You often put the
other things in life like taking out the trash, hanging out on Facebook or
Youtube, or Yikes! Watching T.V. next on the list to practicing.

You stop making excuses to why practicing can wait when you want to practice.
You will see, hear, and feel the difference when you put practicing first. If you make
music joyful, then your enthusiasm will skyrocket. Success will then flow from your
every pore instead of being always out of reach.

If you can think think music is the most joyful activity for you, like the maestro, why wait?!
Get started and live joyfully.

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